Guide to Wooden Canoes

Wooden Canoe : What is it?

Wooden Canoes

Wooden canoes are small, open boats with pointed ends made of solid, durable wood. They are commonly man-powered, but they can also be installed with sails. When operated manually, wooden canoes are propelled by single-bladed or double-bladed paddles. The number of paddlers is determined by the size the canoe and the weight it can carry. Paddlers either kneel on the hull or sit on the supports, facing the direction where the boat is going.

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Types of Wooden Canoes

Wooden CanoesWooden Canoes

Kinds of Wooden Canoes include the following:

Wood/canvas canoes

Wood/canvas canoes are the traditional types of wooden canoes. They are made of solid, durable wood covered in canvas, making them generally rugged and powerful.

Wood/canvas canoes are resistant to abrasions, making them ideal for down river paddling and wilderness tripping. Most models have semi-permanent hull bonding made of canvas that can last up to 25 years. They can easily be re-canvassed if the covering breaks down.
Wood/epoxy canoes

Wood/epoxy canoes are also known as wood glass canoes. They are built using the same traditional method of making wood/canvas canoes. They use clear bonded epoxy to cover the outside of the hull. Most models have invisible layers of fiberglass cloth in between the epoxy and the wood, making the natural beauty of the wood still visible from the outside. They usually have quality finish and varnish.

Wood/epoxy canoes are lighter, easier to maintain, and less expensive than wood/canvas canoes. They are ideal for ponds, lakes, and deep rivers.



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Choosing Wooden Canoes (Buying tips)

Carrying capacity: If you intend to carry many accessories or bring people with you, choose a wooden canoe with a flatter bottom which can carry a heavier weight without sacrificing stability and motion.

Maneuverability: For easy maneuverability and stability, choose a shorter wooden canoe with several rockers and a short, flat bottom hull.

Rockers: If speed is your primary concern, choose a wooden canoe with little or no rockers at all. However, if you want maneuvering power, get one with several rockers. Rockers are built into canoes to help them turn more easily, so wooden canoes without rockers move faster and more easily at greater speed.


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