Guide to Turkey Decoys

Turkey Decoy : What is it?

Turkey Decoys

Turkey decoys are life-size imitations of real turkeys used for luring turkeys when hunting. They are commonly used in  twos, threes, or fours to simulate feeding or breeding flocks. Simulated feeding flocks consist of turkey decoys with their heads to the ground, while simulated breeding flocks are made up of a hen and one or more Jakes (sub-adult turkeys) to aggravate a potential target.  Turkey decoys can also come in the form of immature birds that attract mature Toms and hens that normally ignore aggressive Jake decoys. 

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Types of Turkey Decoys

Turkey DecoysTurkey Decoys

Kinds of Turkey Decoys include the following:

Form types


  • Inflatable turkey decoys are made from tough polyethylene materials.
  • They have inflation valves for inflating and deflating them.
  • They are puncture-resistant.
  • They can expand and contract easily without losing their original shape.

Motion decoy

  • Motion turkey decoys have mechanisms that allow them to move and appear more belligerent and provocative.
  • They are designed to attract the dominant turkeys who are out for a fight.
  • They have string assemblies for moving them about.

Materials type


  • These types of rubber decoys are made of flexible rubber.
  • They effectively imitate the look of turkeys.


  • Foam turkey decoys are lightweight.
  • They can be folded for portability.
  • Because they are light, they are capable of wind-generated motions that increase their visibility.

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Choosing Turkey Decoys (Buying tips)

3D feature:  To make them look realistic from all sides, choose three-dimensional turkey decoys.

Choose turkey decoys with fabric feathers that can flutter with the slightest breeze for a more realistic effect.   

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