Guide to Treestands

Treestand : What is it?


A treestand is a device used for climbing up a tree to get a better view of the animal or prey when hunting.  It also used to keep the hunter hidden, making it harder for the animal to smell him. Compared to a ground or box blind, it keeps the hunter closer to nature for enjoying the scenery while hunting.

A treestand can be a homemade or a makeshift device, which can be permanently fixed to a tree house or a platform. It can also be a commercially available portable device. It is placed in a good ambush zone where the vegetation is thick and the wind direction is opposite the direction of the animal.  

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Types of Treestands


Kinds of Treestands include the following:

Climbing treestand

  • A climbing treestand has tree-gripping lugs that allow the hunter to climb trees as high as he can.
  • It is versatile and mobile.
  • It requires no additional climbing equipment.
  • However, it is only practical to use on trees with straight trunks and no limbs.

Hang-on treestand

  • A hang-on treestand, also called a fixed-position or platform treestand, can fit in any tree that grows straight up.
  • It can hang as low as a few inches off the ground to as high as the tree can allow.
  • It usually weighs less than 10 pounds and can carry as much as 275 pounds.
  • It requires a separate climbing equipment.

Ladder treestand

  • A ladder treestand is stable but bulky to carry.
  • It can be used on a variety of trees.
  • It can get a hunter 12 to 20 feet off the ground.
  • However, it can be dangerous and requires assistance to install.

Freestanding platform

  • A freestanding platform does not necessarily require a tree, as it can stand on its own.
  • It is ideal for open terrains and brushy areas.
  • It is more permanent and can be difficult to move.

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Choosing Treestands (Buying tips)

Manufacturer:  Choose a commercial treestand built by a reputable manufacturer who is a member of the Treestand Manufacturer’s Association (TMA) to be assured of its safety and reliability.

Capacity:  Choose a treestand with a weight capacity of more than 250 pounds for durability and safety. Remember that you will be bringing your hunting gear with you while climbing, so you have to account for the extra weight.  

Gun rest
:  Choose a treestand with padded bars that can serve as gun rests and safety restraints.

Safety information

Always remember that since you will be off the ground, there is a chance that you may fall. Keep safety in mind at all times. The higher you are, the more serious the possible injury.
Always wear a safety harness attached to the tree by a short tether.  It should be long enough to allow you to sit down comfortably.

Before going on a hunting trip, check your equipment to see if everything is functioning properly. The welds should not have cracks or broken parts. The bolts and nuts should be tight and in place. The cables and straps should not be rusty or frayed.

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