Guide to Towables

Towable : What is it?


Towables are vehicles designed to be pulled by pickup trucks, automobiles, vans, and other motorized vehicles. They are made with wheels for towing on roads and flat bases for towing on water or ice. They are mainly used to provide sleeping quarters for up to eight people while on the way to a campsite. They can also be used as alternative modes of transportation when transferring to another ski slope or when returning to shore. They are available in standard, fifth-wheel,  folding camping, and water tube models.

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Types of Towables


Kinds of Towables include the following:

Standard travel trailer towables

  • Standard travel trailer towables are 12 to 35 feet in length.
  • They are used as sleeping quarters for up to eight individuals.
  • They are towed using frame hitches or bumpers.
  • They can be detached from the towing trailer upon arrival at the destination.
  • The lightweight models are not more than 26 feet long, and they can be pulled by six-cylinder vehicles.

Fifth-wheel travel trailer towables

  • Fifth-wheel travel trailer towables have elevated forward sections that provide dual-level floor plans.
  • The master bedrooms are located above the truck beds.
  • They have a length of 21 to 40 feet.
  • They are pulled by pick-up trucks with fifth-wheel hitches.

Folding camping trailer towables

  • Folding camping trailer towables are made up of foldable units and collapsible sidewalls.
  • They are mounted on wheels.
  • They can accommodate up to eight individuals.
  • They can be transformed into standalone units once they are settled in campsites.
  • They have basic features such as canvas sleeping areas and screen windows.

Water tube towables

  • Water tube towables are made of durable vinyl PVC.
  • They are also called ski tubes.
  • They are made with several handles and molded knuckle guards.
  • They can be used in the water and on snow.
  • They can accommodate up to three passengers.

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Choosing Towables (Buying tips)

Features: If you intend to use your towable for an extended period, look for one with a built-in microwave, television, and stereo.

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