Guide to Saltwater Fishing Lines

Saltwater Fishing Line : What is it?

Saltwater Fishing Lines

Saltwater fishing lines are made of copolymer materials that are extremely resistant to abrasion. They stay intact even when they snag on jagged coral and rocks. These fishing lines are available in different colors.

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Types of Saltwater Fishing Lines

Saltwater Fishing LinesSaltwater Fishing Lines

Kinds of Saltwater Fishing Lines include the following:

Budget saltwater fishing lines

Budget saltwater fishing lines are made of inexpensive nylon copolymer, which resists abrasions and stretches to a minimum.

Service spools is about 500 yards.  

Mid-range saltwater fishing lines

Mid-range saltwater fishing lines are approximately .018 inches in diameter. They generally have great tensile strength, are impact-resistant, and are extremely flexible.

Service spool is about 1,000 yards.  

High-end saltwater fishing lines

High-end saltwater fishing lines are made of copolymer monofilaments that can easily blend with the background, hiding itself from the fish. They approximately .47 millimeters in diameter. They are ideal for tournament fishing in large bodies of water.

Service spool is about 3,000 yards. 

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Choosing Saltwater Fishing Lines (Buying tips)

Low memory: Choose saltwater fishing line with low memory to prevent it from coiling after staying in the reel after a long time. This way, you get a straight line every time.

Camouflaging technology:
Look for a saltwater fishing line that can camouflage itself to keep it invisible to the fish.

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