Guide to Sail Boats

Sail Boat : What is it?

Sail Boats

Sail boats are water vessels propelled by sails. Commonly used for cruising and racing, they are made up of a keel, hull, and sail. They usually have cabins used as sleeping quarters. They have a length of 20 to 70 feet. 

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Types of Sail Boats

Sail BoatsSail Boats

Kinds of Sail Boats include the following:

Sloop sail boats

  • Sloop sail boats are made with a foresail and a mainsail.
  • Considered to have the general sail configuration, they can be combined with fractional rigs or additional foresails.
  • When combined with fractional rigs, they allow the foresail to extend only part of the way up the mast for better sailing performance.

Catboat sail boats

  • Catboat sail boats are made with one mast but no headsail.
  • Their sails are gaff-rigged.
  • Their masts are positioned near the bow.
  • Most are made with cabins.
  • They have a length of 16 to 26 feet.

Ketch sail boats

  • Ketch sail boats are made with a mizzen mast and a main mast.
  • They can also have jib sails positioned before the main mast.
  • Some are rigged and extremely long, measuring more than 70 feet.
  • The larger ones have spacious center cockpits and deck spaces.

Schooner sail boats

  • Schooner sail boats are made with at least two masts in almost the same height.
  • Their top sails are rigged to support the square sails positioned near the foremast’s tip.
  • They are usually gaff- or marconi-rigged.

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Choosing Sail Boats (Buying tips)

Hull material: Choose a sail boat with fiberglass hull, making it more durable than wood and resistant to rust, corrosion, and softening.

Speed: If you want a fast sail boat, choose one with a mono hull. It also uses a centerboard or a keel that keeps the sail boat stable.

Space: For more space, choose a sail boat with a mono hull that provides a more spacious interior than a multihull sail boat of the same length.

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