Guide to Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scope : What is it?

Rifle Scopes

Riflescopes, also known as telescopic sights, are attached to rifles and used to provide accurate points of aim for shooting. They consist of a scope base and a scope ring. Some rifles already have built-in scopes, while others use separate scoping devices.

Riflescopes are commonly used in the police and the military. They give maximum advantage to snipers who rely on concealment and stealth to get close to and target their opponents.

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Types of Rifle Scopes

Rifle ScopesRifle Scopes

Kinds of Rifle Scopes include the following:

Riflescopes with fixed power

Riflescopes with fixed power have a magnification measure that cannot be changed.
The most common magnification set of these scopes is 4x-32mm. 4x refers to the magnification power that can zoom an object up to four times its original size, while 32mm refers to the diameter of the objective lens measured in millimeters.

Riflescopes with variable power

Riflescopes with variable power have a magnification measure that can be changed and adjusted.

Most models have power rings at the rear where the magnification adjustments are made.

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Choosing Rifle Scopes (Buying tips)

Lens quality: Choose a riflescope made with a high quality lens that produces clear and accurate images. It should have no visible distortions around the edges. For reduced glare and reflection, choose a riflescope with a single-coated lens. It effectively gathers light for a clearer and brighter image.

Reticle steadiness:
Look for a riflescope made with a reticle that cannot be adjusted easily to prevent unnecessary movements. A riflescope with little or no reticle movement can help you focus at a target even if it is moving.

Light and brightness: Choose a riflescope with a higher objective lens diameter that allows it to gather more light and brighten the view.

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