Guide to Rifle Ammunitions

Rifle Ammunition : What is it?

Rifle Ammunitions

Rifle ammunition are projectiles made for rifle shooting. They are match grade ammunition that offer exceptional consistency and quality for rifle shooting applications such as target-shooting and hunting. Most rifle ammunition are made of pure lead or with lead cores covered in metal jackets. They usually expand and mushroom upon impact to ensure accurate penetration.

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Types of Rifle Ammunitions

Rifle AmmunitionsRifle Ammunitions

Kinds of Rifle Ammunitions include the following:

Rimfire rifle ammunition

Rimfire rifle ammunition are made with a primer or priming mixture contained inside the ammunition casing rim.

They are limited to low-pressure loads only.
They are made for one time use only.
They are not reloadable.

Centerfire rifle ammunitions

Centerfire rifle ammunition are made with a separate priming mixture contained in the center of the casing head or base.

They are available in different calibers, bullet weights, velocities, and designs.
Most models allow frequent reloading.
Most models can also be used in handguns and shotguns.

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Choosing Rifle Ammunitions (Buying tips)

Primer: Choose rifle ammunition that use match or benchrest primers for greater accuracy and functionality. Match primers are made using stainless-steel plates with numerous little holes that form the pellets in more consistent and precise dimensions.

Metal jacket: Choose rifle ammunition with full metal jackets to prevent them from expanding upon impact, ensuring accurate and quick penetration.

Shot size: For small game, use small rifle ammunition. Large game, on the other hand, require larger ammunition to ensure accurate penetration.

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