Guide to Pontoon Boat Trailers

Pontoon Boat Trailer : What is it?

Pontoon Boat Trailers

Pontoon boat trailers are wheeled carriages used to transport pontoon boats. They are usually constructed from metal tubing, with covered panels, called bunks, arranged horizontally to cradle the pontoons. They are usually designed to hook onto most vehicles so that they can be trailed along for road travel. Some pontoon boat trailers also double as launching pads to ease the boat into the water without the use of docks.

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Types of Pontoon Boat Trailers

Pontoon Boat TrailersPontoon Boat Trailers

Kinds of Pontoon Boat Trailers include the following:

Light duty pontoon boat trailers

Light duty pontoon trailers are designed to hold pontoon boats 16 to 20 feet long.
They have shorter holders and are usually made of lighter materials, such as aluminum.

Heavy duty pontoon boat trailers

Heavy duty pontoon trailers can fit wider pontoon boats, usually from 20 to 22 inches across. They are usually made of iron or steel, with thicker tubings that allow them to hold heavier boats.

Single axle pontoon boat trailers

Single axle trailers have two wheels at the rear, one on each side of the trailer. They are typically used for lighter kayaks that can be trailed at different angles, depending on the type of vehicle.

Tandem axle pontoon boat trailers

Tandem axle trailers have four wheels, with two wheels arranged sideways on each side of the trailer. They are used for trailing on flatter terrains and provide a more even and stable surface for launching.


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Choosing Pontoon Boat Trailers (Buying tips)

Bunk carpeting: Choose a pontoon boat trailer with well-covered bunks to support your pontoons. Make sure the carpeting is soft and non-abrasive to protect your boat from scratches during transport. The pontoons should sink slightly into the carpeting to prevent them from rolling or slipping off.

Durability: Make sure your pontoon boat trailer can handle the weight of your pontoon boat. Look for one with rigid bunks and a heavy-duty frame. Also check the wheels for proper turning and installation. Make sure the wheels can be used on rough terrains, such as concrete and gravel.


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