Guide to Outboard Motor Brackets

Outboard Motor Bracket : What is it?

Outboard Motor Brackets

An outboard motor bracket is an outboard boat attachment used to mount a boat motor externally to increases cockpit space, reduce engine noise, and trim the boat further. It is installed in the rear part of the boat. It reduces wetted surfaces and also helps increase speed. An outboard motor consists of mounting hardware and a box for attaching the motor.

The general drawback of using an outdoor motor bracket is it reduces fishability because it makes it harder to get a rod tip out and around the motors. However, it reduces engine noise, vibration, and exhaust fumes. It also increases the motor's performance and fuel economy.  It sits the motor back further to make the propellers bite into the dense pillow of the water that rises up behind the stern.     

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Types of Outboard Motor Brackets

Outboard Motor BracketsOutboard Motor Brackets

Kinds of Outboard Motor Brackets include the following:

Basic motor bracket

A basic motor bracket is a simple bracket that can fit outboard motors up to 10 horsepower.

Elevated motor bracket

An elevated bracket is made for bigger and heavier types of motors weighing up to 115 pounds. It is ideal for abusive environments and salt water. It mounts the motor three to four inches higher, giving less lower-unit drag friction. It has an aft-slanted design that pushes the stern on top of the water.


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Choosing Outboard Motor Brackets (Buying tips)

Air pocket:  Choose an outboard motor bracket with an air pocket to gain better buoyancy and counterbalance to prevent the flooding of the motor.

Measurement:  Choose an outboard motor bracket suitable for the type and size of your boat. The transom should be cleared, so it can be tilted all the way up. Check with your outboard motor company or bracket manufacturer for the correct measurement.


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