Guide to Mini Trampolines

Mini Trampoline : What is it?

Mini Trampolines

Mini trampolines are flat raised surfaces designed to propel a person high into the air. They are usually mounted on steel frames fitted with coiled springs to create an extremely bumpy surface. Mini trampolines are used for both exercise and recreation. They often serve as play areas for children and exercise instruments for adults.

Mini trampolines range from six to 16 feet in diameter and six to ten inches in height. They can usually be placed indoors or outdoors. Most mini trampolines are round, although square, rectangular, and multi-sided models are also available.

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Types of Mini Trampolines

Mini TrampolinesMini Trampolines

Kinds of Mini Trampolines include the following:

Children’s mini trampolines

Mini trampolines for children are small and low, and are usually designed for recreation. They are made of lighter metal frames and fabrics, and often feature colorful designs and patterns.

Adult mini trampolines

Mini trampolines for adults are much larger and sturdier, and are mostly used for sport and exercise. They are also higher and bouncier than children’s trampolines, with thicker steel frames and tougher fabrics to withstand heavy weights.

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Choosing Mini Trampolines (Buying tips)

Durability: Choose a mini trampoline with a heavy-duty surface fabric and high-grade steel frames. Make sure it can handle frequent stress and impact from landing and jumping. Look for puncture- and tear-resistant fabrics. If you will be using it outdoors, also look for heat and mildew resistance and UV protection.

Bounce: Choose a mini trampoline with a fairly bouncy surface. Look for a vinyl surface that dips slightly in the middle and springs back up when the weight is released. If you are a beginner, go for a less bouncy trampoline and move on to more challenging ones as you improve your control and direction. If you are looking at children’s trampolines, keep to a low bounce to prevent falls and injuries.

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