Guide to Longboards

Longboard : What is it?


Longboards are longer and wider skateboards used for transportation, exhibition, slalom, and competitive riding. A typical longboard consists of a deck, bearings, wheels, and trucks that vary in size depending on the type of riding. They can be made of natural wood like birch or maple, synthetic fiberglass, and carbon fiber.

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Types of Longboards


Kinds of Longboards include the following:

Pintail longboards

Pintail longboards are ideal for flatland cruising, general transportation, and downhill bombing. They are very narrow at around nine inches wide and are about 48 inches long.
Their trucks are installed on the farther end of each side. They have semi-slanted riser pads that allow deeper turns. Amateurs may find it difficult to maneuver pintail longboards.

Lowrider longboards

Lowrider longboards are ideal for street riding. They have decks made of durable wood laminate and low profiles suitable for carving and pushing. Their trucks are installed almost at the tips for control and stability.

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Choosing Longboards (Buying tips)

Deck material: If you are a recreational rider, choose longboard made of natural wood. It is inexpensive yet durable enough for general transportation. If you are a competitive or exhibition rider, on the other hand, choose a longboard with a fiberglass or carbon fiber deck. It is more durable than a wooden deck, and it can handle blows, jumps, and high speeds.

Trucks: If you are into adventure riding or downhill bombing, choose a longboard with a stiffer bushing to keep you stable at high speeds. For general transportation, choose one with a soft bushing for more control.

Board length:
If you area beginner, choose longboard that measures 40 to 55 inches long. This length can provide you with enough space and control to practice your moves. Get a shorter longboard if you are into street or downhill skating. This length allows you to go faster yet keeps you stable and in control.

Ball bearings:
Choose  a longboard with steel ball bearings for general recreational skating. For downhill skating, look for a board with more expensive ceramic ball bearings that offer less friction and thermal resistance.

Grip tape: Consider placing grip tape on the strategic points on the deck to help you grip your longboard better and keep you stable while riding or doing tricks.

If you are into competitive riding, you may want to have longboards customized for you. Depending on your budget, y can get decks made of inexpensive wood and bamboo or costly carbon fiber. Specify the wheel diameter and hardness depending on your style and skill level.

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