Guide to Kendo Sticks

Kendo Stick : What is it?

Kendo Sticks

Kendo sticks (shinai in Japanese) are martial arts equipment used in Kendo. They are used like fencing swords for aggressively attacking the opponent on the head, throat, wrists, and sides.
Kendo sticks consist of several bamboo sticks wrapped together by leather straps on one end and by a leather handle on the other. Traditional kendo sticks are made of bamboo, while the modern ones are made of carbon fiber. 

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Types of Kendo Sticks

Kendo SticksKendo Sticks

Kinds of Kendo Sticks include the following:

Bamboo kendo sticks

Bamboo kendo sticks are made up of four traditional split bamboo pieces.
They are tied and wrapped together by leather straps.
They measure 40 to 47 inches long.
They are all-around kendo sticks used for practice and defensive purposes

Synthetic kendo sticks

Synthetic kendo sticks are made of lightweight carbon fiber.
They measure 40 to 47 inches long.
They are extremely durable, lasting over 10 times longer than bamboo kendo sticks.
They are ideal for intermediate to professional kendo practitioners.

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Choosing Kendo Sticks (Buying tips)

Shinai for women: If you are buying a Kendo stick for a girl between the ages of 12 and 15, a stick weighing at least 400g and measuring 114cm would do. Women a little older can use 420g sticks (length of 117 cm). A more experienced handler can use a 440g shinai that is a little bit longer at 120 cm.

Shinai for men: Male Kendo students also have their own specifications to follow when buying their shinai. Boys from Junior High School can start working with 440g. Boys aged 15 to 18 years old should buy 480g sticks, while men above 18 can usually work with a 510g shinai. Use the same length standard as women’s kendo sticks. 

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