Guide to Hunting Pants

Hunting Pant : What is it?

Hunting Pants

Hunting pants protect the legs from bites and scratches when hunting or hiking. They are usually made of insulating, water-repellent fabrics to protect from splashes and cold air. They are also designed to make minimal noise so as not to disturb animal targets. Most hunting pants have multiple pockets for storing water bottles, ammunition, and other hunting gear.

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Types of Hunting Pants

Hunting PantsHunting Pants

Kinds of Hunting Pants include the following:

Nylon hunting pants

Nylon hunting pants are very durable and offer good resistance against bites and punctures.  They are extremely water-resistant, making them ideal for hunting in rain or snow. They are not very breathable and can cause heavy sweating in hot weather.

Cotton twill hunting pants

Cotton twill hunting pants are light, breathable, and provide good insulation in cold weather. They do not hold moisture well and are not ideal for wading and walking through mud. They make less noise than nylon when brushing against rocks or blown by wind.

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Choosing Hunting Pants (Buying tips)

Durability: Choose hunting pants that can withstand rough use and will not easily tear or fray. If you hunt in rocky areas, look for pants made of denier nylon with a ripstop weave to keep rips from spreading. Look for other protective features like waterproof treatment and UV protection.

Comfort: make sure your hunting pants are lightweight, breathable, and do not interfere with your movement. Look for moisture-wicking interiors to help control sweating. For insulation, look for pants with neoprene linings.

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