Guide to Hunting Hats

Hunting Hat : What is it?

Hunting Hats

A hunting hat is a headgear worn when hunting to protect the eyes, neck, and head from the sun or rain. It is usually made of cotton, polyester, nylon, leather, and suede. A hunting hat also serves as part of a camouflage .

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Types of Hunting Hats

Hunting HatsHunting Hats

Kinds of Hunting Hats include the following:


  • An outback hunting hat is a popular cowboy hat with a wide rim and a stiff lining.
  • It is usually made of suede and leather.
  • It can adequately block the sun.
  • However, it can be uncomfortable to wear in hot weather.


  • A boonie is a military hat with a wide rim.
  • It is made of soft fabrics such as cotton, canvas, and polyester.
  • It shields the eyes and hides the face for a good camouflage.

Hunting cap

  • A hunting cap is commonly used in fishing and hunting.
  • It does not give adequate shade for the neck;however, some designs with neck flaps are available.

Russian hat

  • A Russian hat is made of fur and wool.
  • It is used in hunting in the winter.
  • It has ear flaps for protecting the ears from the cold.

Fishing cap

  • A fishing cap is commonly used in fishing.
  • It has a short brim all around it just enough to block off the sun.

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Choosing Hunting Hats (Buying tips)

Waterproofing:  Look for a hunting hat made with waterproof materials and a PVC coating for protection from the rain.

Camouflage:  When hunting in the forest, desert, or in the wilderness, choose a hunting hat with a camouflage print that allows you to blend with the environment. Make sure it matches the rest of your camouflage clothing.  

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