Guide to Hunting Blinds

Hunting Blind : What is it?

Hunting Blinds

Hunting blinds are hunting devices used in forests, open fields, woods, and areas near water and mountain ranges to conceal hunters from potential game like geese, birds, turkey, and waterfowl.
They are made of weatherproof materials like polyester and aluminum. They come in natural colors like green, brown, and black to make them blend with the natural surroundings. They are constructed in lay-down and sit-down types with strategic viewing windows and roofs used for observing potential prey.

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Types of Hunting Blinds

Hunting BlindsHunting Blinds

Kinds of Hunting Blinds include the following:

Lay-down hunting blinds

  • Lay-down hunting blinds are made of weatherproof polyethylene.
  • They are rectangular-shaped with sides that can be buried for maximum coverage.
  • They have large and deep cockpit openings that allow the user to lie down comfortably with only the head slightly visible.

Sit-down hunting blinds

  • Sit-down hunting blinds are made with water- and wind-resistant polyester shells over aluminum frames.
  • One to three chairs can be set up inside, allowing as many as three hunters to use them.
  • Their aluminum roofs and frames are spring-loaded for easy opening.
  • Each end has a zippered door for easy access.

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Choosing Hunting Blinds (Buying tips)

Materials used: For use in all weather conditions, choose hunting blinds made of polyester or polyethylene that has been treated with waterproofing additives. These hunting blinds also do not rip or tear easily, and cannot be easily knocked down by the wind.

Size: If you have a hunting partner, choose three-man sit-down hunting blinds that can give you more room to move about and allow you to keep a heater, several seats, bags, and clothes.

Stake-out corners:
Look for hunting blinds with stakeout corners that allow you to observe potential hunting game from all sides.

Flip-top roof: Choose hunting blinds with a flip-top roof that uses spring loaded systems to prevent you from opening it while making goose calls as well as to prevent the wind from flipping it open.

: Look for sit-down hunting blinds with vegetation straps that can be sewn on the shell for a more effective concealment and blending in.

Mesh roof
: When choosing sit-down type enclosed hunting blinds, look for one with a see-through mesh roof and windows for viewing potential game even while inside. To keep the rain out, consider getting a mesh roof with a weather flap.

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