Guide to Gun Safes

Gun Safe : What is it?

Gun Safes

A gun safe is a secure lockable box used for storing guns safely and protecting them from fire, theft, and misuse. It is a hollow cube or a cylinder with a hinged door that can be locked by an electronic lock, a time lock, a combination lock, or a key. It is commonly made of steel for exceptional durability. It is available in different sizes that can be mounted on a wall or set directly on the floor. 

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Types of Gun Safes

Gun SafesGun Safes

Kinds of Gun Safes include the following:

Gun-locker safe

A gun-locker safe has a lightweight and economical design.
It is the cheapest and simplest gun safe available.
It usually has a limited storage capacity,
It offers little protection from fire and theft.
It has a lockable door with a handle.
It has small compartments for storing a few small guns.
It can come in a fixed or a portable design.

Pistol safe

A pistol safe is a gun safe specifically designed for storing pistol guns.
It has an effective lock system. The more advanced model is designed with an electronic keypad lock.

It usually has a spring-loaded door for easy and quick access.
It comes in two designs: a single pistol safe and a multiple pistol safe.
A single pistol safe is handy and portable.
A multiple pistol safe can store several pistols safely.

Maximum security gun safe

A maximum security gun safe offers the best protection from fire and theft.
It can accommodate up to 50 units of long guns.
It is bulky and space-consuming.

Most models are fire-resistant. They can endure a temperature of up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of 45 minutes.

Some models can be made bulletproof.

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Choosing Gun Safes (Buying tips)

Locking system: Look for a gun safe with a locking system that connects the outside device to the inside locking mechanism. With this type of locking system, drilling the safe to open it without entering the appropriate keys or codes can either completely destroy it or render it inoperable.

Sound alarm:
Choose a gun safe with a sound alarm that goes off whenever it is opened without using the appropriate keys or codes.

Fire resistance:
For fire resistance, choose a gun safe made of thick, insulated materials. However, because of its bulky construction, it usually has a limited amount of usable storage space.

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