Guide to Gun Holsters

Gun Holster : What is it?

Gun Holsters

A gun holster is a sheath usually made of leather used to carry a handgun. It is worn around the waist, shoulder, and thigh. It is designed for the easy access and easy drawing of a gun especially in emergency situations. A gun holster is commonly used by security guards, police officers, and civilians who keep guns for self-defense. 

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Types of Gun Holsters

Gun HolstersGun Holsters

Kinds of Gun Holsters include the following:

Duty gun holster

A duty gun holster is carried openly, making it visible to other people.
It is considered part of the uniform of police officers, military men, and security guards.
It is commonly available for mid-sized and full-sized handguns only.
Most models are made of full-grain leather.

Concealment gun holster

A concealment gun holster is used to carry compact and mid-sized handguns that should not be visible to others.

It has a lightweight and unobtrusive design.
It is worn under clothing, usually in the rear or front trouser pocket.
Most models feature wide surfaces that can be uncomfortable against the skin.

Sporting gun holster

A sporting gun holster is used to carry guns for sports activities such as pinshooting, handgun hunting, and Fast Draw shooting.

It comes in different sizes to accommodate all handgun sizes.
It is usually slung across the shoulder.

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Choosing Gun Holsters (Buying tips)

Waterproofing: To protect your gun from getting wet, choose a gun holster made of waterproof materials.

Adjustability: Choose a gun holster that allows you to easily adjust its cant and position to provide you with the appropriate level of comfort and concealment. This feature also gives you a snug fit.

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