Guide to Gun Cases

Gun Case : What is it?

Gun Cases

Gun cases are used for storing and protecting firearms. They are made of heavy duty materials to provide maximum protection and security. Most gun cases have sturdy, durable, and scratch-resistant outer skins and interiors made of high density foam that absorbs shock and holds guns securely in place.

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Types of Gun Cases

Gun CasesGun Cases

Kinds of Gun Cases include the following:

Soft-shelled gun cases

Soft-shelled gun cases are made of heavy-duty nylon and cotton foam cushioning. They are lightweight and foldable. Most models are flexible, and they can adjust any gun size. Most models have multiple small pockets, nylon zippers, shoulder straps, and web strap handles.

Hard-shelled gun gases

Hard-shelled gun cases are durable and sturdy. They are thicker and heavier than soft-shelled gun cases. Most models are water- and weather-resistant. Most models come with lock systems for extra security and protection.

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Choosing Gun Cases (Buying tips)

Material: Choose a gun case made of nylon, metal, or plastic. Do not get one made of chemically-tanned leather because it is corrosive to guns with metal finish.

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