Guide to Goose Decoys

Goose Decoy : What is it?

Goose Decoys

Goose decoys are hunting devices used for attracting birds in fields and in the water. They resemble sitting sentry or feeder geese with their lifelike crafted feathers and colors. They are commonly used in dozens over a field to attract incoming birds during hunting season.

Goose decoys are made of weatherproof materials like polyethylene. They come in standard, super magnum, and silhouette types. They measure 26 to almost 50 inches long from tail to breast.

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Types of Goose Decoys

Goose DecoysGoose Decoys

Kinds of Goose Decoys include the following:

Standard goose decoys

  • Standard goose decoys are lightweight and compact decoys.
  • They are positioned above water.
  • Most models have convertible heads that allow the user to change their look from feeder to sentry and vice versa.
  • The more expensive models have realistically-crafted feather detail for an authentic look.
  • They usually measure two feet long from tail to breast.

Super magnum goose decoys

  • Super magnum goose decoys are oversized decoys ideal for water and field use.
  • Most models have convertible heads that allow the user to change their look from feeder to sentry and vice versa.
  • They measure at least three-and-a-half feet long from tail to breast, allowing honkers to spot them easily from afar.

Silhouette goose decoys

  • Silhouette goose decoys are propped up in the fields using stakes that allow them to move with the wind.
  • They are thin and compact unlike standard and super magnum full-body goose decoys.
  • They feature extensive feather detail to attract more birds.

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Choosing Goose Decoys (Buying tips)

Flat finish: Choose a goose decoy with a flat finish to prevent glare that can blind potential game birds.

Number: Buy four to eight dozens of goose decoys at once for attracting birds more effectively.  This number is enough to make a large spread. Position them in different angles with most of them facing the wind, as reel geese land facing the wind before walking into a spread of geese from behind.

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