Guide to Goose Calls

Goose Call : What is it?

Goose Calls

A goose call is a sound-creating device that can mimic basic goose calls. Usually made of wood or acrylic, it consists of a compact tube and a reed assembly, or a diaphragm. Air is blown through one end, causing the reed or the diaphragm to vibrate and produce different goose sounds like the hail (greeting), cluck (feeding), and comeback. A goose call is available in resonant chamber, flute, and tube types. 

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Types of Goose Calls

Goose CallsGoose Calls

Kinds of Goose Calls include the following:

Resonant chamber goose call

  • A resonant chamber goose call produces loud sounds.
  • However, it does not have a tonal range as vast as the flute’s.
  • It has a barrel enclosing the stopper that houses the reed assembly.
  • Air is blown through it, causing the reed to vibrate against the housing and produce a unique sound.
  • It is easy to use.

Goose call flute

  • A goose call flute produces a wide variety of tones that can mimic the different sounds of Canada geese.
  • The reed vibrates when air is blown through it. The user can control the air pressure by cupping a hand over the call’s open end.
  • To produce authentic goose sounds, the user needs to constrict air flow by placing the tongue against the roof of the mouth while exhaling.
  • It can have features like a back pressure hose and a reed relocation mechanism.

Goose call tube

  • A goose call tube is the simplest type of goose call but is one of the hardest to use.
  • It consists of a stretched rubber diaphragm inside a small tube.
  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • It requires experienced goose call skills.

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Choosing Goose Calls (Buying tips)

Skill level: If you are a beginner, choose a resonant chamber goose call that is easy to practice with. Get a goose call flute if you are an experienced caller looking for a wide tonal range.

If you are a beginner, look for a goose call that comes with an instruction video that can teach you the basics and techniques of goose calling.

Hunting location:
For hunting geese over water, choose a goose call flute. Get a resonant chamber type for hunting geese over a field.

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