Guide to Golf Bags

Golf Bag : What is it?

Golf Bags

Golf bags are normally used during the game to carry large golf club sets across the course, as players normally use more than one club in a game. The smallest golf bags can carry about five clubs, while others hold a full 14-club set.

Golf bags are usually cylindrical or elongated, divided into small grid-like compartments to hold each club individually. Most models also have front or side pockets for storing smaller items, such as balls or gloves. Other common features include detachable rain covers, umbrella holders, and beverage holders or drinking tubes.

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Types of Golf Bags

Golf BagsGolf Bags

Kinds of Golf Bags include the following:

Staff golf bags

Staff bags are the largest type available, and are commonly used by professional golfers. Most staff bags hold all 14 clubs, with ample room and pockets for additional equipment. They are usually made of leather or other tough materials. They are meant to be carried by caddies rather than the players themselves, as they are heavy and can interfere with the game. They are also called tour bags.

Cart golf bags

Cart bags are slightly smaller than staff bags, but are still too large to carry conveniently during the game. They are designed to be carried on golf carts, and usually have specially placed pockets to make them accessible without removing the bag from the cart. They offer less storage space and fewer pockets than staff bags. They are made from lighter materials, although they are still heavier than carry bags and cannot be carried over long distances.

Carry golf bags

Carry bags or travel bags are small, light bags designed to be carried along the course. They are made of lightweight materials such as nylon and plastic, and usually carry basic equipment including golf balls and a number of clubs. Some also hold complete 14-club sets. They usually come with back or shoulder straps, allowing the user to play without setting the bag down.

Stand golf bags

Stand bags have lightweight legs that prop the bag up when placed on the ground. The legs are usually spring-loaded and retractable, pulling out automatically when the bag is set on the ground. The stand positions the bag at an angle that allows the user to easily reach for clubs during the game.

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Choosing Golf Bags (Buying tips)

Organization: Choose a golf bag with well-organized compartments for your golf clubs. If you will be carrying a 14-club set, make sure the slots are properly arranged to allow you to identify the club you need from the bunch. Avoid those with too many side pockets, because they can create clutter and add to the bulk of the bag.

Weight: Choose a lightweight golf bag that you can easily carry throughout the course. Look for one with padded shoulder straps to help reduce the strain on your shoulders. Get a cart or stand bag if the weight tends to affect your game.

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