Guide to Fishing Poles

Fishing Pole : What is it?

Fishing Poles

A fishing pole is a long, cylindrical rod that can be made of wood, plastic, fiberglass, metal, or other composite materials. Its main function is to cast the fishing line into the water. It is made up of a reel, a line, and guides that can be located on top or underneath it. 

It is important for fishing poles to be made of strong and durable materials. Aside from carrying the line's weight, fishing poles also carry the weight of the caught fish.

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Types of Fishing Poles

Fishing PolesFishing Poles

Kinds of Fishing Poles include the following:

Spinning rod fishing poles

A spinning rod has large rings along the fishing line. The line, reel, and the guides are located underneath the seat. It does not use a trigger as a spinning guide. Its overall and handle length are measured equally.

Baitcasting rod fishing poles

A baitcasting rod has small rings along the fishing line. The line, reel, and the guides are located on top of the pole. It uses a trigger to get a better grip when the line is released.

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Choosing Fishing Poles (Buying tips)

Skill level: If you are a beginner, choose a graphite fishing pole because it is lightweight and easy to control. You can also get one made of a combination of graphite and fiberglass called a composite. It is affordable, durable, lightweight, and powerful.

Action:  Look for a slow action fishing pole if you want to be more accurate.  A fast action pole is ideal for breezy weather conditions because it can perform a lengthy cast. If you are a beginner, choose medium action pole because it is the easiest to use.

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