Guide to Driving Irons

Driving Iron : What is it?

Driving Irons

Driving irons are longer than the rest of the iron golf clubs. They are used for making approach or tee shots. There are two types of driving irons: blades and cavity backs.


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Types of Driving Irons

Driving IronsDriving Irons

Kinds of Driving Irons include the following:


Blades are traditional-looking golf clubs with smooth backs and small heads. They are commonly used by low-handicap players. They have a high center of gravity, making them ideal for players who hit low. These driving irons are also preferred by golfers who have reliable swings and by those who like to shape their shots to hit draws and fades on command.

Cavity backs

Cavity backs are larger than the blades. They have hollowed-out cavities in the back. They are designed like tennis rackets with cavity indentations that push the weight of the clubhead's perimeter. These driving irons have low centers of gravity that help the ball fly easily. They are used by a majority of golfers because they are easy to use.

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Choosing Driving Irons (Buying tips)

Materials used:  Choose forged driving irons over those made of cast iron to get a softer feel and a natural bend suitable for your type of swing.

Lofts:  Choose driving irons with lower lofts if you want to make long distance shots.

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