Guide to Deck Boats

Deck Boat : What is it?

Deck Boats

Deck boats have large, open decks designed to accommodate large groups of people. They measure 20 to 30 feet long and can sit as many as 60 passengers. They usually have side bench seating to leave room in the middle for other boat features, such as tables and live wells. They also offer adequate storage for picnic baskets, coolers, wave boards, and life jackets. Deck boats are commonly used for fishing parties and gatherings. 

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Types of Deck Boats

Deck BoatsDeck Boats

Kinds of Deck Boats include the following:

Cruising deck boats

Cruising deck boats have larger tanks for long-term use on small, calm waters.
They have wide hulls and broader bows for added stability and balance.
They are commonly used for family outings, picnics, and short fishing trips.

Fishing deck boats

Fishing deck boats are used for fishing in large waters.
They usually have fishing seats, live wells, and rod holders.
They have fairly flat bottoms to keep them stable when fishing from a stationary position.

Sport deck boats

Sport deck boats are designed for skiing, racing, and other water sports.
They have narrow hulls and pointed bows for better maneuverability, especially at high speeds.
They often have side-by-side seats facing the bow to allow steering and control.

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Choosing Deck Boats (Buying tips)

Seating: Choose a deck boat with adequate seating for your intended use. For parties and family gatherings, look for generous side benches with ample legroom in the middle, as well as space for tables and coolers. Sport deck boats do not require as much storage and may have tighter seating for better movement.

Choose a deck boat made with lightweight but durable materials. Fiberglass hulls can withstand most water conditions, while Kevlar bodies are extremely light and provide excellent weather resistance. Make sure the body is treated for UV, heat, and mold resistance.

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