Guide to Clay Targets

Clay Target : What is it?

Clay Targets

Clay targets, also known as clay pigeons, are the orange discs fired in the air as moving targets in trapshooting and skeet shooting. They are inverted saucers usually made of powdered pitch and limestone. They have a diameter of four to four-and-a-half inches, a height of three-fourths to one inch, and a weight of three-and-a-half ounces. 

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Types of Clay Targets

Clay TargetsClay Targets

Kinds of Clay Targets include the following:

Standard clay targets

Standard clay targets are the most commonly used targets by bird sporting shooters.
They have a diameter of four-and-one-fourth inches and a height of one inch.
They have wide surface areas for pellet impacts.
They can be easily broken with open chokes.
Some models have their edges as the visible areas only, while others show their topsides and undersides.

Rocket clay targets

Rocket clay targets have flatter surfaces and profiles than standard clay targets.
They have a diameter of four-and-one-fourth inches.
They are heavy, thick-rimmed, and low-profiled for maintaining better and longer flight velocities.
Most models feature squat domes not always visible to the shooter when thrown on edge.

Rabbit clay targets

Rabbit clay targets have full faces visible to the shooter.
They have thick and hard outer rims that can withstand ground contact and pellet beating without breaking especially when thrown on edge.

Midi clay targets

Midi clay targets have a diameter that is less than the standard.
They are generally short with a height of only three-fourths of an inch.
They have tighter chokes ideal for great distances.

They feature aerodynamic domes that maintain flight paths and velocities better than standard clay targets.

However, they usually slow down in flight.

Mini clay targets

Mini clay targets are known as aspirins in clay target shooting.
Just like midis, they have a height of three-fourths of an inch.
They are fragile targets that can be broken easily.
Most models can easily squeeze through open-choked patterns at average distances.

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Choosing Clay Targets (Buying tips)

Waterproofing: Choose waterproof clay targets if you intend to use them in wet areas and rainy weather conditions. They offer excellent durability and strength even with frequent use.

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