Guide to Canoe Yokes

Canoe Yoke : What is it?

Canoe Yokes

Canoe yokes are small pads or crossbeams added to canoes to allow them to be carried on the shoulders. They are specially shaped to fit over the shoulders and the back of the neck to prevent injuries, especially when portaging heavy canoes. Canoe yokes are often placed on both ends of the canoe, near the bow and stern seats, so that two people can carry the canoe for better balance.

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Types of Canoe Yokes

Canoe YokesCanoe Yokes

Kinds of Canoe Yokes include the following:

Portage canoe yokes

Portage yokes are flat beams placed across the canoe, usually fitted over the rims. They are usually made of wood, metal tubing, or fabric. They are carved or bent to fit the shoulders, and are often padded.

Seat-mounted canoe yokes

Seat-mounted yokes consist of two vertical beams attached to canoe seats. The beams hold two soft pads that rest over the carrier’s shoulders. Most types are made of metal tubing.


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Choosing Canoe Yokes (Buying tips)

Comfort: Make sure your canoe yoke fits comfortably over your shoulders. Look for thickly padded ones to prevent back and shoulder injuries from the weight of the canoe.

Stability: Choose a canoe yoke that can support the weight of your canoe. Make sure it screws properly onto the canoe and will not slide off or wobble during transport.


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