Guide to Canoe Trailers

Canoe Trailer : What is it?

Canoe Trailers

Canoe trailers are wheeled devices used to carry and transport canoes. They are usually pulled from behind and hold the canoe face down. Most canoe trailers have two wheels supporting a pair of bars, on which the canoe rests during transport. A long handle extends from the holders, allowing the trailer to be pulled along.

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Types of Canoe Trailers

Canoe TrailersCanoe Trailers

Kinds of Canoe Trailers include the following:

Single canoe trailers

Single canoe trailers are designed to hold one canoe at a time. The canoe is usually placed along the pull bar, supported by two cradles. Some models have adjustable cradles to support different hull shapes, and can also double as launching dollies.

Multiple canoe trailers

Multiple canoe trailers can hold two or more trailers. They are made up of tree racks standing on wheeled bottom frames. The canoes are supported by the bars on the tree racks and are usually secured by straps.


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Choosing Canoe Trailers (Buying tips)

Durability: Choose a canoe trailer that can handle the weight of your canoe. Look for those made of heavy-duty metals such as steel or aluminum. Make sure the wheels can go over all types of terrains.

Protection: Look for a canoe trailer with padded holders to protect your canoe from scratches and other surface damage. Make sure there are no screws or sharp edges sticking out.

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