Guide to Canoe Motor Mounts

Canoe Motor Mount : What is it?

Canoe Motor Mounts

Canoe motor mounts are devices that secure canoe motors. They are typically installed on the canoe’s starboard or port and may be made of durable metal or wood. They may fit different motors of any size. Some canoe motor mounts clamp to the canoe’s gunwales and are used for electric motors.

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Types of Canoe Motor Mounts

Canoe Motor MountsCanoe Motor Mounts

Kinds of Canoe Motor Mounts include the following:

Aluminum canoe motor mounts

Made of heavy-duty aluminum, these types of canoe motor mounts are installed on the port or starboard and may secure motors of up to 4 hp using a clamping mechanism.
Aluminum canoe motor mounts are ideal for electric or gas motors and fit most canoe brands.

Wooden canoe motor mounts

Wooden canoe motor mounts are made of ash wood and are ideal for electric motors up to 4 hp. They may have stainless steel parts and phenolic knobs that clamp to the canoe’s gunwales.


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Choosing Canoe Motor Mounts (Buying tips)

Fit: Determine the size of your canoe motor and your canoe’s gunwale, port, or starboard before choosing a motor mount for it.  

Safety: Make sure that canoe motors are secured in your motor mounts. Make sure that the clamps are tight enough around your gas or electric motors to prevent accidents.


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