Guide to Boat Propellers

Boat Propeller : What is it?

Boat Propellers

A boat propeller is a boating device used to propel a boat through the water. It rotates three or four twisted blades with a central shaft similar to the rotation of a screw. The blades of a boat propeller can be made of aluminum or stainless steel.  A boat propeller generates a difference in pressure between its front and rear surfaces. It also acts as rotating wings, producing force that applies Bernoulli's principle and Newton's Third Law.  A boat propeller is powered by the boat motor and cannot run on water on its own.     

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Types of Boat Propellers

Boat PropellersBoat Propellers

Kinds of Boat Propellers include the following:

Three-blade design

A three-blade boat propeller is the most common type of boat propeller. It provides good control and acceleration.

Four-blade design

A four-blade boat propeller is made of stainless steel and never of aluminum. It provides a good hole shot, a better bow lift, and a higher trim angle to reduce boat drag. It allows the boat to stay on plane at a lower revolutions per minute (rpm). It produces a slower cruising speed without loss of plane in rough seas and conditions.


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Choosing Boat Propellers (Buying tips)

Pitch: Choose a boat propeller pitch with a one inch reduction to achieve an increase of 150 to 200 rpm at full throttle.

Compatibility: Choose a boat propeller recommended by your boat engine manufacturer.  The serial number or propeller size indication an be found in the hub, or you can consult your owner's manual for it.  


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