Guide to Boat Motors

Boat Motor : What is it?

Boat Motors

A boat motor can be mounted inboard, outboard or inboard/outboard. The inboard boat motor is mounted near the middle of the boat; the outboard motor is installed in the rear of the boat along with the propeller; while the inboard/outboard motor has the internal combustion engine inboard and the propeller and gear reduction outside the boat. The power and speed of a boat motor is determined by its horsepower, and its use is regulated by the Internal Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. Some states do not allow gas boat motors in their lakes due to environmental concerns, while others impose a 10-horsepower maximum on them.

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Types of Boat Motors

Boat MotorsBoat Motors

Kinds of Boat Motors include the following:


A gas boat motor is an internal combustion engine or heat engine. It burns fuel in a confined space (called a combustion chamber). The fuel reacts with an oxidizer to create an exothermic reaction, producing high temperature and high pressure to make it expand.  The expanding gases power and propel the boat.

The gas boat motor is restricted in some states because it can leak, pollute the water, and harm fish and wildlife.


An electric boat motor is powered by external batteries. It is made up of the main motor, the speed controller, the drive chain, and a propeller for an outboard motor. It is generally quiet and does not pollute the water.


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Choosing Boat Motors (Buying tips)

Size: The size of the boat motor is proportional to its horsepower. Choose the right size of boat motor according to the type of your boat's hull. Do not get one that is too powerful for your boat.  Look for the tag on your boat that indicates the maximum horsepower it can have.

Design: Choose a boat motor that conforms to the rules of the Boating Industry Association. The BIA has a Code of Ethics that should be followed to protect boaters and consumers.


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