Guide to Boat Lifts

Boat Lift : What is it?

Boat Lifts

Boat lifts hold boats above the water when docked or moored, protecting the hull from corrosion, rust, and wind and water damage. They hold the boat from the bottom of the hull using aluminum or steel supports, which may be floating or attached to a fixed structure. They are usually installed close to shores or banks for docking. Most models allow drive-on storage, where the boat can be driven directly from the water to the lift. 

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Types of Boat Lifts

Boat LiftsBoat Lifts

Kinds of Boat Lifts include the following:

Standing boat lifts

Standing boat lifts raise the boat using a rotating wheel and winch.
Some models lift straight up and down, while others are cantilevered to allow pivoting when lifted.
They may also include electric or hydraulic power support to accommodate boats over 4,000 pounds.
They are ideal for lakes with a fairly steady water level, with a gradual grade and firm bottom.

Floating boat lifts

Floating boat lifts hold the boat using hollow tanks, which are filled with air to lift and deflated to lower the boat.
They are often used with floating docks and may be used throughout the year.
They are ideal for deep shorelines and those with fluctuating water levels.
They require about four to five feet of water to submerge the tanks and load the boat onto the lift.
Mounted boat lifts

Mounted boat lifts are mounted directly onto pilings or seawalls.
They are held in place by slings or a cable-mounted frame, which are controlled by a motorized winch.

They are ideal for shallow salt water and for mooring the boat onto the seawall or between pilings.

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Choosing Boat Lifts (Buying tips)

Materials: Choose a boat lift made of high-grade aluminum or steel. Make sure it is heat- and UV-resistant, especially if you will be using it throughout the year. Look for those with galvanized aluminum or steel bodies to prevent rust, corrosion, and mold and mildew buildup.

Make sure your boat lift can support the weight of your boat without dipping or tilting. Look for one that mounts firmly onto available structures to keep them in place. For small boats and personal watercraft, choose a heavy floating lift to keep it from moving and getting carried off by wind or waves.

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