Guide to Boat Carpets

Boat Carpet : What is it?

Boat Carpets

Boat carpets are made from synthetic fibers and synthetic rubber backing designed to resist mildew and water. They are installed in the boat's interior not only to lessen slipperiness, but also to help keep things in place when the boat is moving. Boat carpets also act as shock absorbers to protect boat furniture. They usually do not have foam backing because the foam acts like a sponge that absorbs water and retains it for long time.  

Most boat carpets are made of polypropylene, nylon, or acrylic fiber.  They are generally stain-resistant and highly durable. They can take the wear and tear of all-day boating activities. The floor should be cleaned with a bleach solution to kill the lingering spores before lacing the boat carpets on top. There should be no deck and plumbing leaks that can dampen the carpets.

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Types of Boat Carpets

Boat CarpetsBoat Carpets

Kinds of Boat Carpets include the following:


Loop boat carpets are also called level loop. They are ideal for high traffic areas because they have a durable surface resilient to wearing and tracking marks.

Cut and loop

Cut and loop boat carpets have different loop heights. Some are cut while some are not to make different textures and patterns.  They are also called multi-level loop carpets.
They are ideal for low traffic areas such as the cabin bedrooms because of their softer and more luxuriant texture.


Saxony boat carpets are made up of firmly twisted tufts of heavy yarn softened by heat.
They are versatile and durable. They are ideal for high traffic, luxurious areas such as the entertainment room or bar.


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Choosing Boat Carpets (Buying tips)

Backing:  Choose a boat carpet with a woven synthetic backing because it dries easily, does not retain water, and is less likely to develop mildew.

Grain:  Choose a boat carpet with a grain that goes in one direction to make it easier to work with and install.  This also makes its surface more fine.


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