Guide to Black Powder Rifles

Black Powder Rifle : What is it?

Black Powder Rifles

A black powder rifle, also known as a muzzleloader, is a primitive firearm commonly used by shooters and hunters. It makes use of black powder gunpowder and projectiles in a pellet form as bullets that are loaded down the muzzle or the open end of the barrel. It has excellent burning consistency, but its range is limited only to 100 yards or less.

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Types of Black Powder Rifles

Black Powder RiflesBlack Powder Rifles

Kinds of Black Powder Rifles include the following:

Matchlock rifle

A matchlock rifles is the earliest type of black powder rifle. It makes use of a match lit and lowered into a priming pan of loose priming gunpowder. It is not ideal for wet weather conditions.
Wheel lock rifle

A wheel lock rifle was the first gun that used an ignition system that required a spark as the igniting agent. It produces a spark through the serrated wheel mounted near the flash pan. Most models come with a cover that partially protects the spark from external elements.

Flintlock rifle

A flintlock rifle has an ignition mechanism that uses a flint. The flint is struck on a metal plate known as frizzen to supply a spark.

Percussion lock rifle

A percussion lock rifle features a hammer that strikes a percussion cap sitting on the nipple of the gun. It causes flashes that travel through the nipple, igniting the powder charge.

In-lock rifle

An in-lock rifle is the most modern rifle available today. Like a percussion lock rifle, it also has a percussion cap placed inside the breech in line with the barrel.

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Choosing Black Powder Rifles (Buying tips)

Caliber: Choose a .40 caliber black powder rifle for hunting small animals like rabbits and squirrels. For hunting larger creatures, get .45 or .50 caliber black powder rifle. However, make sure your local and state authorities permit the use of the black powder rifle caliber you intend to use.

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