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Archery Set : What is it?

Archery Sets

Archery sets are commonly used to introduce a person to the sport or provide a set of equipment designed for specific skill levels. A basic archery set usually consists of a bow and one or more arrows. Many also include bow strings, arrow tip protectors, target sheets, and a quiver or bow carrying case.

Most archery sets come in matching bow and arrow sizes, classified according to skill level and type of use. Generally, more advanced sets are made of higher-quality materials and include more accessories. There are also sets designed for left- and right-handed users, as well as sets for vision-impaired and handicapped players.

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Types of Archery Sets

Archery SetsArchery Sets

Kinds of Archery Sets include the following:

Toy archery sets

Toy archery sets are designed for small children and toddlers, generally from ages three to seven. They are usually composed of three or more arrows, a bow, a target board, and a quiver.

Most sets are used as toys rather than sports gear. They are usually made of plastic or other lightweight materials. They also come in bright colors. The arrows have suction cups or magnetic tips instead of sharp tips to prevent accidents. They come with target boards designed to adhere to the tips.

Junior archery sets

Junior or youth archery sets are meant as starter sets for children who are starting to learn or train. Most sets consist of a standard or recurve bow, longer pointed arrows, target sheets, an arm guard, and a quiver.

High-end models can include shooting gloves, bow socks, and bow stringers. They have more advanced designs than toy archery sets, but are still relatively lightweight. Bows usually have draw weights ranging from 15 to 18 pounds and are made of wood or fiberglass. The bows are sometimes fitted with pin sights and risers to help improve aim and accuracy.

Adult archery sets

Adult archery sets are designed for adult players with intermediate to advanced skills. They are meant for serious training and practice. They usually include a bow and arrows, cable guards, bow sights, arm guards, wrist release, and stabilizer rods.

The bow and arrows are usually larger and come in a wide range of tips. Bows range from 60 to 70 inches long. They can also be made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or aluminum. More advanced sets use heavier compound bows and arrows, and usually comply with local or international standards.

Professional archery sets

Professional archery sets are designed for advanced archers competing in official tournaments. They come with a wide range of accessories besides the standard bow and arrows. These include bow strings, finger guards, advanced bow sights, and arm guards. Some sets have specialized bow designs, such as crossbows, recurves, and longbows.

High-end materials such as carbon fiber and exotic woods can also be used. They usually conform to specific association rules, such as the National Archery Association and the International Archery Federation.

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Choosing Archery Sets (Buying tips)

Age and skill level. Choose an archery set that matches your skills. If you are a beginner, look for one made of wood or other lightweight materials. Choose plastic arrows only for toy sets, because they have poor flight and are hard to practice with. If you intend to train seriously, you may have to change sets occasionally as you outgrow your beginner set. Look for a set that you can easily upgrade.

Quality. Make sure your archery set is durable and can withstand frequent use. Beginners tend to lose or break a lot of arrows, so look for arrows that will not easily break or snap. Carbon fiber is the strongest arrow material, but this may be too expensive for a beginner set. Fiberglass arrows are cheaper and fairly durable. Choose magnetic tips over suction cups for toy sets, because the cups tend to come off the arrow easily.

Bow size. Make sure the bow matches your body size. You should be able to carry and lift the bow while assuming the proper stance. Look for one that you can stretch to your arm length and draw back without moving from your stance or shifting your arms.

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