Guide to Electric Dog Fences

Electric Dog Fence : What is it?

Electric Dog Fences

An electric dog fence is an invisible boundary that restricts a dog within a perimeter using mild electric shock. It is made up of a wired or wireless electric fence installed around the perimeter and a receiver placed in the dog's collar. The receiver sends out a warning beep whenever the dog comes close to the boundary. When the dog gets too close, the fence transmits a mild shock.
The electric dog fence is an alternative to a regular dog fence that prevents a dog from jumping over, digging under, or chewing on the fence. Since it is invisible, it can solve the problem of erecting fences not suitable for the landscape design of a house. It can also be used for keeping a dog away from certain areas such as the pool or the garden. 

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Types of Electric Dog Fences

Electric Dog FencesElectric Dog Fences

Kinds of Electric Dog Fences include the following:

Underground electric dog fence

  • An underground electric dog fence requires digging and burying an electric wire around the perimeter to wire the area.
  • It come with a manual or a video on how to install it step by step.

Instant wireless electric dog fence

  • An instant wireless electric dog fence is a portable, invisible fencing system that can be brought to camping trips.
  • It can run on electricity, batteries, or solar power.

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Choosing Electric Dog Fences (Buying tips)

Safety: To protect your dog from the outside elements, choose an electric dog fence with a built-in lightning protection and waterproof collar.
Coverage: Choose an electric dog fence that can cover the perimeter of your yard. Make sure the wire length and the coverage of the transmitter is enough.  

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