Guide to Electric Dog Collars

Electric Dog Collar : What is it?

Electric Dog Collars

An electric dog collar generates electrical stimulus. It is used for training and teaching dogs the commands and skills needed to control their behavior. It is operated by a remote control that sends signals to the receiver in the collar. The collar then gives out warning signals or tones that control the dogs' behavior, either stimulating them to do execute the command or stop them from doing something inappropriate. 

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Types of Electric Dog Collars

Electric Dog CollarsElectric Dog Collars

Kinds of Electric Dog Collars include the following:

No-bark electric dog collar

  • A no-bark electric dog collar is designed stop dogs from barking.
  • It is operated by a remote control.
  • It is also used to stop dogs from doing something inappropriate such as running around or chewing off toys.

Electric dog training collar

  • An electric dog training collar is primarily used for training dogs.
  • It is operated by a remote control.
  • It is used for teaching dogs manners and basic commands such as sit, stand, jump, and roll over.

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Choosing Electric Dog Collars (Buying tips)

Stim levels: Choose an electric dog collar with different levels of stim that allow you to send out stim in a level or intensity depending on your dog's behavior.

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