Guide to Dog Training Collars

Dog Training Collar : What is it?

Dog Training Collars

A dog training collar is specifically designed to be used for training dogs and putting them under control. They are tougher and more durable than standard dog collars. They facilitate in obedience training, enabling dogs to learn the basic dog commands such as sit, stand, stay, jump, and roll over. They are made of durable materials such as leather, nylon, and metal. 

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Types of Dog Training Collars

Dog Training CollarsDog Training Collars

Kinds of Dog Training Collars include the following:

Buckle training collars

  • Buckle training collars use buckles to fasten them securely around necks.
  • They are usually made of cotton, nylon, and leather.
  • They can be rolled or flat.
  • They are adjustable to ensure snug and correct fit.

Breakaway training collars

  • Breakaway training collars use quick release mechanisms that unfasten them when a strong pull is exerted.
  • They do not disengage when attached to leashes.

Choke chain training collars

  • Choke chain training collars are the commonly used training collars for dogs.
  • They are made of metal chains.
  • They are effective training tools.
  • They usually come with leashes.

Electronic training collars

  • Electronic collars, also known as remote collars and shock collars, produce electrical stimuli to dogs to warn them or correct their behavior.
  • They are strictly used for training purposes.
  • They should be used with the guidance of professional dog trainers.


  • Martingales are slid over the head.
  • They do not have buckles.
  • Instead, they are made with small, plastic tubes designed to be adjusted to the desired tightness.

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Choosing Dog Training Collars (Buying tips)

Size: Choose a dog training collar in a size that fits comfortably and snugly around your dog’s neck. A tight dog collar can cause soreness to the neck, while a loose collar can easily slip off the head.

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