Guide to Dog Gates

Dog Gate : What is it?

Dog Gates

A dog gate is a simple barrier that confines a dog in a particular area within the house. It is designed like a small fence that can be placed at the bottom of a stairway, by the doorway, hallway, or any other narrow opening. It prevents the dog from creating mischief while the owners are gone, keeps it from wandering around the house to minimize cleanup, protects smaller children from the dog, protects the dog from various hazards, and protects guests and other animals from the dog. Compared to keeping the dog in a crate, behind a closed door, or in a cage, the dog gate is a better means of dog confinement. It allows the dog to roam around within the confined area and see through the gate. 

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Types of Dog Gates

Dog GatesDog Gates

Kinds of Dog Gates include the following:

Pressure mount dog gate
  • A pressure mount dog gate is an adjustable gate that expands to fit to a door frame or in between walls.
  • It should only be used against solid surfaces because hollow walls can cause it to retract and loosen the fit.
  • It usually comes with a gauge for properly adjusting the pressure and a memory lock that remembers the locking position when removed.

Clamp mount dog gate

  • A clamp mount dog gate can be fastened between to sections of wrought-iron fences or between two newel posts.

Hardware mount dog gate

  • A hardware mount dog gate is more permanent compared to the other types.
  • It screws directly into a door frame, post, or wall.
  • It provides maximum strength and security for larger and heavier dogs.
  • It can have a swing door opening in the middle.

Combination mount dog gate

  • A combination mount dog gate is screwed on one side of the wall or post, and clamp mounted on the other.
  • It provides a rigid dog gate but allows the option of opening it when needed.

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Choosing Dog Gates (Buying tips)

Slats: Choose a dog gate with slats not more than 2.5 inches apart to prevent your dog's head as well as your children's head from getting stuck in between.

Materials used: If your dog likes to chew on things, choose a metal or hardwood dog gate instead of plastic that can be easily chewed off.

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