Guide to Dog Foods

Dog Food : What is it?

Dog Foods

Dog food is a combination of plant and animal product intended for dog consumption. It contains ingredients that cannot be consumed by humans such as meat by-products, grain by-products, and meat-and-bone preparations, but it is made to be tasty and nutritious to dogs. It is generally sold at grocery stores, pet shops, and veterinary clinics.

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Types of Dog Foods

Dog FoodsDog Foods

Kinds of Dog Foods include the following:

Feature types

Dry dog food

  • Dry dog food is crunchy.
  • It is easy to prepare and store because of its lack of moisture content.
  • It has an excellent measure of nutrition per pound.
  • It also helps clean the teeth.
  • It stays fresh longer.
  • It is the most preferred dog food by most dog owners.

Soft and moist dog food

  • Soft and moist dog food is juicy, nutritious, and tasty.
  • It does not scrape the teeth.
  • It has a higher palatability than dry dog food.
  • It is more expensive as well.

Canned dog food

  • Canned dog food is processed and packed in cans.
  • It has the highest palatability among all types of dog food.
  • It has a high water content but contain less nutrition.
  • Unused canned dog food can only be kept for three days in the refrigerator.

Quality types

Grocery store dog food

  • This type of dog food is sold in grocery stores and markets.
  • It is prepared with low quality and inexpensive ingredients.
  • It does not provide enough nutrition.

Premium dog food

  • Premium dog food is sold in pet shops and veterinary clinics.
  • It is prepared with high-grade ingredients, but it still contains artificial flavors, artificial colors, and chemical preservatives.
  • It is more expensive than grocery store dog food.

Healthy dog food

  • Healthy dog food is the most nutritious among all types of dog food.
  • It also has the highest quality.
  • It contains healthy, nutrient-rich ingredients without preservatives or artificial flavors.
  • It can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

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Choosing Dog Foods (Buying tips)

Flavor: Choose dog food that your dog enjoys. Try different types of dog food to know the one your dog prefers.

Nutritional adequacy statement: Before purchasing a particular brand of dog food, look for its nutritional adequacy statement first to see if it can provide a balanced and complete nutrition for your dog. Make sure it is also ideal for the age of your dog, as stated in the label.

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