Guide to Dog Dry Shampoos

Dog Dry Shampoo : What is it?

Dog Dry Shampoos

A dog dry shampoo removes dirt and grease from a dog’s coat without using water and wet soap. It comes in white powder that contains grease-absorbing agents and antibacterial substances that rid dirty dog coats of oil, dirt, and odor. It is used prior to wet bathing or during the cold winter months. 

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Types of Dog Dry Shampoos

Dog Dry ShampoosDog Dry Shampoos

Kinds of Dog Dry Shampoos include the following:

Standard dog dry shampoo
  • A standard dog dry shampoo contains white powder that absorbs dirt, grease, and dust from a dog’s coat.
  • It is removed from the coat using a brush.

Deodorizing dog dry shampoo

  • A deodorizing dog dry shampoo contains antibacterial substances that kill odor-causing bacteria on a dog’s coat.
  • It is sprinkled all over the coat and brushed dry.
  • It does not irritate the skin.

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Choosing Dog Dry Shampoos (Buying tips)

Usage: If your dog is afraid of water or convalescing from an illness, get a dog dry shampoo that allows you to bathe it without water.

Usage information

Avoid using dog dry shampoo on dark-colored dogs as the white powder can be tough to remove completely.

When removing excess shampoo powder, do not use a nylon dog brush as it causes static that makes dog’s coat stick out.

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