Guide to Dog Beds

Dog Bed : What is it?

Dog Beds

A dog bed is a comfortable place for dogs to sleep or just laze around in. It is made of soft but durable cushions and fabrics that provides dogs with the utmost warmth and comfort. It can be placed anywhere inside the house or even outside.  It is available in different styles and designs with different benefits to suit varying dog needs. 

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Types of Dog Beds

Dog BedsDog Beds

Kinds of Dog Beds include the following:

Orthopedic dog bed

  • An orthopedic dog bed is filled with microfibers that adhere to a dog's shape as soon as it lays down on it.
  • It can be made with other orthopedic features such as a self-warming thermal cushion that keeps dogs warm during cold weather or a cooling feature that keeps dog cool during warm weather.
  • It can come with a headrest that elevates the head to secure a proper alignment of the spine and neck.

Pillow dog bed

  • A pillow dog bed can be lined in foam or filled with cotton.
  • It comes in different shapes and sizes.
  • It is usually placed on the floor, couch, beds, or even in the car.
  • It provides a dog with its own “couch.”

Frame dog bed

  • A frame dog bed is a miniature human bed.
  • It is made with a frame made of wood or metal.
  • It comes in different designs to complement any type of home décor or bedroom design.

Travel dog bed

  • A travel dog bed is sized just enough for a dog to lay on while traveling.
  • It can come in the form of a cot or a pad that can fit inside a dog crate.
  • It is usually made of cotton, polyester, and faux lambswool.

Donut dog bed

  • A donut dog bed is a round bed with a slightly elevated outer ring.
  • The space inside the ring provides a comfortable and secure sleeping area.

Outdoor dog bed

  • An outdoor dog bed is a water-resistant bed that can withstand the hazards of weather.
  • It is made with polysilk filling, which is resistant to mildew and fungi.
  • It is also resistant to heat and stains.

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Choosing Dog Beds (Buying tips)

Durability:  Choose a dog bed made of fabric protected by a sleeve of polyresin or metal that makes it chew-resistant. This sleeve prevents your dog from tearing it easily or leaving teeth marks all over it.

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