Guide to Label Makers

Label Maker : What is it?

Label Makers

Label makers print out self-adhesive labels that can be placed on shelves, containers, or other products for identification. They usually consist of a keyboard for typing in the label text, and an LCD screen for viewing and editing. Some label makers have built-in feeds and printers, while others connect to a computer for editing and printing. They also come in handheld and desktop models.

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Types of Label Makers

Label MakersLabel Makers

Kinds of Label Makers include the following:

Tape label makers
Tape label makers produce a single line of text on blank tape labels. They have a built-in feed mechanism that rolls the tape along when printing. They are usually handheld and shaped like large mobile phones.

Older models used small hammers to create each character, but newer ones now use ink work on more types of tape.

Thermal label makers
Thermal label makers use heated ribbons to press text onto the label. They usually require special thermal labels to better absorb the heat. They work on various label sizes and may also print simple graphics and bar codes.

Thermal label makers are usually desktop-sized. Newer models connect to a computer and allow more fonts and graphic options.

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Choosing Label Makers (Buying tips)

LCD size. Choose a label printer with a large LCD screen if you want to make longer labels and include graphics. Single-line screens should do for tape labels, while three to four lines is ideal for address labels, bar codes, and product labels.

Keyboard. Make sure the keyboard is large and readable. Look for one with ergonomic keys and a simple layout for faster text input. Desktop models have larger keyboards and are suitable for making long labels.

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