Guide to Violin Strings

Violin String : What is it?

Violin Strings

Violin strings come in a set of four strings tuned to the perfect fifths in G, D, A, and E. They are stretched over the length of the violin’s neck and kept under tension to make them vibrate freely. The most popular string combination used by modern concert violinists are synthetic core G, D, and A strings, and a steel E string (the lowest pitched string).

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Types of Violin Strings

Violin StringsViolin Strings

Kinds of Violin Strings include the following:

Synthetic core violin strings

  • Synthetic core violin strings are stranded or filament nylon strings.
  • Some are sold under the trade name “Perlon.”
  • They are one of the most popular materials used for violin strings.
  • They produce richer overtones and a warmer tone.
  • They are preferred by classical violinists.

Steel core violin strings

  • Steel-core violin strings are preferred by most jazz players.
  • They have a fast response to bow pressure.
  • They have good tuning stability.

Gut core violin strings

  • Gut core violin strings are traditionally made from sheep gut.
  • They were preferred by baroque players.
  • Tonally, they can be compared to the speaking voice.

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Choosing Violin Strings (Buying tips)

Gold plating:  Choose gold-plated steel E strings to delay corrosion and reduce whistling.

Sound:  Choose violin strings that produce a light sound for playing happy or upbeat pieces, and a deep and rich sound for playing serious and dramatic pieces.

Construction:  Choose wound violin strings to add mass and bulk for producing more volume playing at a higher tension. These strings also make the violin more comfortable to play.  

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