Guide to Piano Software

Piano Software : What is it?

Piano Software

Piano software are computer programs used for learning how to play the piano. They come in compact disc formats to be played in a computer or laptop. They contain information on piano history, famous musicians, piano chords, and sample piano music. They are available in beginner and premier types.

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Types of Piano Software

Piano SoftwarePiano Software

Kinds of Piano Software include the following:

Beginner piano software

  • Beginner piano software are ideal for amateur piano players.
  • They are made with video presentations illustrating the basic piano concepts.
  • Most programs have introductory lessons on piano history and famous pianists.
  • They usually have printable piano chords for practicing the concepts learned on the piano.
  • They have easy-to-follow screen menus.

Premier piano software

  • Premier piano software are ideal for learned piano players who want to expand their knowledge and playing skills.
  • Their features include piano practice with visual or audio feedback for supervised learning, extensive piano song libraries, practice exercises and tests, and interesting piano facts and figures.
  • Some programs even allow users to compose, play, and record their own piano pieces and store them in customized libraries for future use or sharing.

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Choosing Piano Software (Buying tips)

Compatibility: Before buying a piano software, make sure your computer meets its minimum system requirements such as operating system, hard drive space, and processor speed.

Skill level: Choose a piano software that fits your skill level. If you are a beginner, choose a basic piano software that offers all the fundamental lessons you need. If you want to refresh your piano knowledge and skills, choose a premier piano software that concentrates on honing playing techniques.

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