Guide to Piano Books

Piano Book : What is it?

Piano Books

Piano books are educational materials used for introducing and teaching children and adults the piano basics. They usually come in several succeeding volumes indicating different levels of learning.

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Types of Piano Books

Piano BooksPiano Books

Kinds of Piano Books include the following:

First piano books


  • First piano books are intended for children’s use.
  • They usually contain tutorial lessons on piano basics.
  • They come in several volumes.

Theory piano books

  • Theory piano books provide a theoretical approach to studying piano music.
  • They are intended for adults.
  • They come in several volumes.

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Choosing Piano Books (Buying tips)

Skill level: Choose an introductory piano book if you are a beginner. For those who already know how to play the piano, consider getting supplementary books on piano theory.

Quality: Before buying a piano book, search for some online book reviews on it to know if it is worth buying.

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