Guide to Piano Benches

Piano Bench : What is it?

Piano Benches

Piano benches are the seats used when playing the piano. Usually made of wood or metal, they are made with four legs and no backrests. They give pianists complete  access to the piano keys, sheet music holder, and piano pedals. They are available in wood top, padded, metal, and adjustable types. 

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Types of Piano Benches

Piano BenchesPiano Benches

Kinds of Piano Benches include the following:

Wood top piano benches

  • Wood top piano benches are the classic piano benches with an all-wood construction.
  • They are usually made of mahogany, rosewood, ebony, walnut, and redwood.

Padded piano benches

  • Padded piano benches are made with wooden legs and and foam padded tops.
  • They come in natural or dark finishes.
  • They are comfortable to sit on.

Metal piano benches

  • Metal piano benches are made with metal legs and thick, padded seats.
  • They are ideal for modern, digital pianos.
  • They come in different finishes that can resemble genuine wood.

Adjustable piano benches

  • Adjustable piano benches have adjustable seat heights.
  • They have thick, padded leather seats.
  • They come in wood finishes.

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Choosing Piano Benches (Buying tips)

Full-length hinges: For durability and cracking resistance, choose a piano bench fitted with full-length hinges running from one end of the bench to the other.

Comfort: To get the best comfort in extended piano playing, choose a padded piano bench that is easy on the bottom and the back.

Finish: For a classy look, choose a piano bench in a finish that matches your piano’s.

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