Guide to Pedal Boards

Pedal Board : What is it?

Pedal Boards

Pedal boards are devices are used for organizing and stabilizing guitar pedals, preventing the jacks and cables from everyday wear and tear, and storing guitar pedals for easy transportation. They have flat, padded bases for securing each pedal in place even when in use. They are made with extruded edges to protect the sides of the pedals from damage and to keep the pedals in place during transportation. 

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Types of Pedal Boards

Pedal BoardsPedal Boards

Kinds of Pedal Boards include the following:

Basic pedal boards

  • Basic pedal boards are made with lightweight, molded resin exteriors.
  • Their interiors are padded to ensure proper fit.
  • They are large enough to support basic and effects pedals.

Premium pedal boards

  • Premium pedal boards come in hook and loop systems that prevent each pedal from moving while being used.
  • Each pedal is secured to the boardbase by adhesive hook strips.
  • Their surfaces are covered in panel-laminated loop fabric made of nylon.

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Choosing Pedal Boards (Buying tips)

Pedal board panel: Choose a pedal board with a low profile panel that allows the board’s grip to grasp even the most uneven of floors.

Edge moldings: To prevent sharp burrs from forming on the edges while traveling, choose a pedal board with shockproof extruded edges made of R-PVC material.

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