Guide to Harp Cases

Harp Case : What is it?

Harp Cases

Harp cases are storage devices for harps to protect them dust, dirt, scratches, and impacts. They are also used for carrying and transporting them from one place to another. They usually feature a large storage space to contain a single harp, several internal and external pockets, a secure locking feature, and handles and straps.

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Types of Harp Cases

Harp CasesHarp Cases

Kinds of Harp Cases include the following:

Soft harp cases

  • Soft harp cases are made of soft materials such as nylon, soft leather, and PVC.
  • They are foldable and lightweight.
  • Because of their construction, they do not provide excellent protection from bumps, impacts, and other physical damage.
  • They are usually water-resistant.
  • Most models are made with thick and fully lined interior foam padding and a zipper enclosure.
  • They usually have adjustable straps for carrying by hand or over the shoulder.

Hard harp cases

  • Hard harp cases are made of solid and durable materials such as wood, carbon fiber, and fiberglass.
  • They provide excellent protection from shocks and forceful impacts.
  • They are bulky and heavy.
  • They are usually made with hard, cloth-covered sides for added interior protection.
  • They have latches and locks for securing the instrument.
  • They usually come with short handles and optional shoulder straps.


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Choosing Harp Cases (Buying tips)

Waterproof: Choose a harp case made of a waterproof material to prevent water from penetrating it and damaging the harp.

Strap: Look for a harp case with an optional shoulder strap that allows you to carry it over the shoulder.

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