Guide to Guitar Tuners

Guitar Tuner : What is it?

Guitar Tuners

Guitar tuners are devices used for tuning electric guitars fast and easily. They are compact units built with a screen display and numerous function buttons. They are popularly used by professional musicians in orchestras and bands for tuning their guitars to the perfect pitch and for coming up with alternate tuning styles for experimental purposes.

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Types of Guitar Tuners

Guitar TunersGuitar Tuners

Kinds of Guitar Tuners include the following:

Basic guitar tuners

  • Basic guitar tuners are the most affordable guitar tuners.
  • They tune electric guitars in the standard EADGBE tuning scheme.
  • They have large screen displays that show if each string being tuned is sharp or flat.

Chromatic guitar tuners

  • Chromatic guitar tuners can tune electric guitars to the desired note.
  • They are ideal for guitar players who want to explore and experiment with other tuning styles.
  • They are more expensive than basic guitar tuners.
  • They have features like auto shut off, low battery indicator, calibration function, and wide pitch detection range.

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Choosing Guitar Tuners (Buying tips)

Electric pitchpipe: Choose a guitar tuner with an electric pitchpipe that allows you to determine the correct pitch of the string you are tuning quickly. An electric pitchpipe automatically plays the desired note for you.

Mic: Choose a guitar tuner with an extra-sensitive mic to quickly determine whether the string your are playing is sharp or flat.

Fast metering: Look for a guitar tuner with fast metering for quick tuning just before a gig.

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